Mission statement

EQUITY GPS expert system aims to help institutional equity investors :

  • Better manage complexity
  • Outperform less efficient peers, and their benchmarks  

To EQUITY GPS, ambition to outperform in the global stockmarkets is reasonable, provided: 

  • Hard work, objectivity
  • Understanding of market participants' behaviors, both outperformers' and underperformers'
  • Acknowledgment that portfolio construction and stock selection processes are at the heart of one's competitive edge over rivalling market participants

Information overload is not new. Since 15th-Century Gutenberg, information has increasingly grown in excess of what decision makers, individuals or groups, have been able to process. Against this backdrop, equity investors' investment process represent a daunting challenge:

  • Capture all information that could be relevant for the future evolution of stock prices
  • Separate the relevant weed from the meaningless chaff
  • Objectively calibrate the relative importance of past and current relevant information by individual stock, by sector and country 
  • Measure by how much the performance potential of each stock, sector and country is impacted
  • If necessary, act accordingly

Each phase is in itself complex and potentially unlimited. Their combination requires getting organised, whilst controlling our innate tendencies towards herd behavior, selective hearing, familiarity bias, regret aversion, and other biases which have been identified to hamper our judgement capabilities. 


EQUITY GPS expert system is designed to cut through this complexity and deliver actionable signals of potential market inefficiencies by stocks, by geographies, by sectors, and for the global equity market as a whole.


For more information, please drop a mail at clara@equitygps.com, or call us at 00 33 1 42 77 56 37


Last update : 08/05/2019