EQUITY GPS model assesses the valuation and outlook dynamics of listed companies worldwide to produce bottom-up ratings by individual stock, then assembles them into agregated ratings by country or sector or any meaningful groupings. The EQUITY GPS ratings range between 0 (worst) and 10 (best) and are recalculated every night by averaging: 

  • A Valuation subscore calculated using 8 different valuation criteria 
  • An Outlook Dynamics subscore calculated using 7 different catalyst criteria​

The calculation of EQUITY GPS ratings for 7 000 stocks worldwide requires the crunching of 250 million fundamental micro and macro datapoints each night on powerful servers located in France, operated by EQUITY GPS and maintained by a first class IT supplier.


More information may be obtained upon re.quest to our institutional sales desk at clara@equitygps.com

Last update : 08/05/2019