EQUITY GPS assesses objectively, from scratch, on a daily basis, the valuation and outlook attractiveness, basis of future performance potential, for more than 6,000 stocks worldwide representing 85% of the global stock market capitalisation, and 90% of the pan-european's.


Geographic breakdown of stocks covered:

  • 2,000 listed companies in Europe, of which 850 in the euro area and 850 outside the euro area
  • 2,000 in the Americas
  • 2,000 in Asia-Pacific and Africa


Coverage criteria:

  • Minimum market cap:
    • EUR 0.1 bn in Europe
    • EUR 1 bn in developed countries outside Europe
    • EUR 2 bn the Rest of the World
  • At least 3 years of stockmarket history
  • Two analysts or more covering the stock


Download EQUITY GPS updated list of coverage

Last update : 31/03/2016